Strongly Sunday (France 2): Here is why Michel Drucker does not have a headset

Rare animator not to have a headset or teleprompter, Michel Drucker explains the reasons for this choice.

In Can’t wait for Sunday, broadcast every Sunday on France 2, no question for Michel Drucker to have a headset! He is indeed one of the few animators not to use this tool, in the same way that he refuses to rely on a teleprompter to make his launches. “I am part of the school Léon Zitrone, entrusts us with a laugh the presenter. The auricle is a prosthesis that has always distracted me. I don’t want to be dependent on it. And it’s exactly the same when I’m on stage at the theater“. But then, without a teleprompter or headset, how does he manage to communicate with the control room?”I have a graphic palette lying at my feet in the studio. I am told how much time is left. It’s the only thing that appears on the palette. And if I want to talk to the management, I have a red telephone on the sofa. It’s called “Léon Zitrone’s phone” (laughs). I can thus call during the diffusion of a subject.

Back on stage after a forced rest

In addition to the animation of Can’t wait for Sunday on France 2, Michel Drucker has been back on stage since January 14 and on tour until mid-April, after a period of interruption due to health problems. “I still had to store up strength, he confided to our colleagues from Parisian. Doing sports, 200 abs and fifteen minutes of rowing in the morning, forty-five minutes of cycling in the evening. I’m trying so hard to come back. I know it’s madness, but good madness“. A “madness” which is not without concern without wife Dany Saval. “My wife thinks I’m masochistic. She tells me : ‘After all that you have taken, you need this fatigue and this stress?’ Stress, it was he who took me to the pool table. And being alone on stage is the most terrifying exercise. But my anxieties have calmed down. What could have happened to me worse?.

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