Students could not take advantage of the extra player and suffered a tough defeat against Defense

Students fell to Defense and Justice in their own stadium by 2 to 1 with goals of Adonis Frías and Andrés Ríos and the discount of Mauro Boselliin one of the matches on date 20 of the Professional League.

From the beginning of the match, Pincha brought out his offensive aggressiveness and attacked Defense and Justice. After a few minutes of play, Jorge Rodriguez tried a mid-distance shot, the ball went up and down but was taken out by the goalkeeper Ezekiel Unsainwho flew and cleared the ball over the crossbar.

The paths of Students were the projection of Leonardo Godoy and the dribbling and penetration attempts of Franco Zapiola. At 15 minutes he had a deflected shot Mauro Mendez.. He then came close to opening the scoring again, when Emmanuel More He tried a taco and Unsaín slapped the left post to deflect the ball without the judge or linesman detecting that it was a corner kick.

After that intense start, in which Estudiantes was somewhat superior to the visit, the actions were equalized midway through the first stage, to the point that Defense and Justice managed to take the first advantage after 21 minutes of play with a cross shot from Cold Adonis that left the goalkeeper without chances Mariano Andujar. After a stopped ball, the goalkeeper tried to get out quickly and left it served to the rival, and after a triangulation, the ball was left to Frías, who was on the edge of the large area. The defender rehearsed a strong first shot.

For the second half, Ricardo Zielinsky sent to the field Leandro Diaz in place of Mauro Mendez. But at minute 10, in a bad defensive action by Estudiantes, which was static, the Halcón pressed, recovered the ball and reached the mouth of the goal where Andres Rios He headed alone and inside the small area to make it 2-0.

When the night got darker for Estudiantes, Boselli’s discount arrived, who hit a perfect header after a corner kick, to restore the illusion to the fans.

From that moment and especially when Ríos himself was sent off after 22 minutes (who minutes before wasted an incredible one-on-one with Andújar) Estudiantes tried to push hard in search of a tie and had a great chance with a long-distance shot from Manuel Castro that the visiting goalkeeper took out of the angle.

The minutes were consumed and Students missed a good chance to get closer to the top. With 27 points, he was 11 behind Atlético Tucumán and 9 behind Gimnasia -who has one less game-, with whom he disputes the last place to enter the Cup.

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