Study abroad: new scholarships for Algerians in 2023

For more than 16 years, the Tomorow’s leaders program, sponsored by the USA-Middle East partnership, has offered several scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students from the most disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, from MENA region.

Indeed, Tomorow’s leaders offers the possibility of taking advantage of a fairly rich and diversified program in one of its accredited universities. In particular, at the level of the American University in Cairo, the Lebanese-American University and the American University of Beirut.

Scholarships 2023: how to be eligible for the MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders program?

To be eligible for this MEPI-sponsored program, applicants must be from Syria, Tunisia, West Bank/Gaza or Yemen. But also from Morocco, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Bahrain and Algeria.

In addition, these applicants must meet certain program requirements. Notably :

  • be in the last year of high school or graduate 2021/2022 for the first cycle;
  • Have high academic results proving the candidate’s desire to pass his final exam;
  • Demonstrate a good command of English, both written and spoken;
  • Applicants must demonstrate need and be economically and financially deserving;
  • be able to travel and start their program no later than September 2023.

In addition to these criteria, postgraduate candidates must undertake to obtain a master’s degree in two academic years. These candidates must also provide documents justifying their financial situation. In addition, to apply for this program, you should send your application via the official website of the Tomorow’s Leaders program. Registrations are already open for 2023.

Algerian students applying for MEPI’s Tomorrow’s Leaders program

In addition to a rich academic work, the candidates of the Tomorrow’s Leaders program will have access to internships and enrichment workshops, but also to mentoring professors who help them develop their leadership capacities. The Tomorrow’s Leaders program also offers undergraduate students the opportunity to spend up to one semester in the USA. And those to continue their studies.

For its part, the United States Embassy in Algiers shared, on its official page, the case of Abdelmadjid Hayi. An Algerian student, who managed to complete his studies after four years at the Lebanese-American University. This is thanks to MEPI’s Tomorrow’s Leaders program. This diplomatic representation invites Algerian students to follow Abdelmadjid’s example and enroll in this program.

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