Study proposes unusual technique to resist late-night snacks

After a hard day, it is very common to turn to food as an outlet for stress relief and end up overeating on fried foods and treats. But a new study done at the University of Lincoln, England, suggests a different practice for controlling calorie snacks after hours: listening to certain types of music.

Psychologist Annemieke van den Tol, co-author of the study, analyzed how many snacks the research participants ate after listening to certain styles of music to understand how the songs work in coping with negative emotions. The result published in British Science Festival (British Science Festival)organized by the University of Montfort in Leicester, suggests the strategy may help some people lose weight.

Women who listened to music that aroused feelings of anger or sadness – such as Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black; Eminem’s Mockingbird; and Linkin Park’s In The End – ate half of the snacks offered, compared to volunteers who didn’t listen to music. Those who listened to songs with comforting lyrics – like Coldplay’s Fix You or Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down – consumed about a third less.

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The researchers believe the effect may be related to the release of dopamine and serotonin that occurs while listening to music. Both are known as happiness hormones for arousing feelings of pleasure, satisfaction and increased motivation. In practice, people feel more emotionally satisfied and need to turn to comfort food less.

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