Stunning, Lens continues its beautiful s

Stunning, Lens continues its beautiful series! – Players’ debrief and NOTES (Lens 2-1 Clermont)

In great shape, RC Lens continued their good streak by winning a fifth consecutive victory against Clermont (2-1), this Saturday, during the 15th day of Ligue 1. After the break, the Sang et Or overthrew the Clermontois in second period.

Fofana gave Lens victory (2-1, 68th)

Received 5 out of 5! At home, RC Lens won a fifth consecutive victory against Clermont (2-1), this Saturday, on the occasion of the 15th day of Ligue 1. Dominating but led until the hour mark, the Lensois overturned their opponent to temporarily return two points from Paris Saint-Germain, the championship leader.

Lens starts strong

Well into the game, the Lensois quickly set the tone. On a cross from Frankowski, Sad offered himself a goal opportunity after only 24 seconds! A situation observed many times during the first period. Because Frankowski multiplied the dangerous crosses, but also because Sad liked all the balls in the Clermont area to get several goalscoring opportunities. But that was not enough for the Sang et Or, too imprecise in the last gesture during the first 45 minutes.

Abdul Samed’s CCS

The Auvergnats, they had more success. Since it was on an own goal from Abdul Samed that Pascal Gastien’s men took the lead before the break (0-1, 39th)! A goal not really justified for the CF63. The Clermontois had responded to the physical challenge proposed by the Lensois during the first half and had already procured several goal situations, like Wieteska’s header then Kyei’s attempted lob stopped by Samba.

Clermont cracks in eight minutes

On returning from the locker room, the Lensois pressed the accelerator. Ports by Bollaert, the players of Franck Haise found the fault the hour of play on a strike from Sad at the level of the penalty spot (1-1, 60th). The RCL then pushed to crack Clermont. And he succeeded eight minutes later on a nice goal from Fofana (2-1, 68th)! A crushing blow for the Clermontois who did not succeed in putting Samba in difficulty afterwards to prevent Lens from clinching an eighth victory in eight home games this season. Bollaert remains impregnable!

The score of the match: 7/10

A very pleasant match in a great Bollaert atmosphere. The first period was animated and the goal of Clermont made it possible to assist a very good second act, during which the Lensois pushed to reverse the meeting.

The goals :

– On a corner from Khaoui, Kyei throws himself to deflect slightly with his head. The ball bounces off Abdul Samed who deceives his goalkeeper (0-1, 39th).

– Launched on the right side by Frankowski, Sotoca addresses a low center. Medina misses his Madjer at the near post, but Sad followed well to score from the right at the penalty spot (1-1, 60th).

– Touch by Sotoca, Frankowski set back towards Gradit. The defender sends the ball to the penalty spot, where Fofana eliminates Wieteska on his left control before scoring from the right (2-1, 68th).

Players’ NOTES

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Man of the match: Seko Fofana (8/10)

What an activity! Always on the move to get rid of the marking and offer solutions to his partners, the Lensois captain was rewarded for his efforts by scoring a decisive goal on a superb sequence in the Clermont area. His work on recovery and his percussion with the ball at the foot were also invaluable for the Sang et Or. A match for the boss!


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To come: discover the notes and comments on the players of CLERMONT F., updated in a few moments…

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LENS 2-1 CLERMONT F. (mid-time: 0-1) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 15th day
Stadium: Stade Bollaert-Delelis, Lens – Referee: Hakim Ben el Salem Hadj, France

Goals : W. Sad (60th) S. Fofana (68th) for LENS – S. Abdul Samed (39th, csc) for CLERMONT F.
Warnings : S. Abdul Samed (65th)for LENS- G. Kyei (42nd), J. Gastien (45+1st), K. Andric (85th)for CLERMONT F.

LENS : B.SambaJ. Gradit, K. Danso, F.MedinaP.Frankowski, S.Fofana, S.Abdul Samed, D. Machado (I. Boura, 90th)W. Sad (L. Openda, 64th)F. Sotoca (J. Onana, 89th), David Costa (A. Claude Maurice, 74th)

CLERMONT F. : Mr. DiawA. Seidu, Mr. Wieteska, Mr CaufriezJ. Gastien (M. Gonalons, 86th), Y. Magnin (B. Baiye, 87th)Jrmie Bela, E. Rashani (Baila Diallo, 67th)S. Khaoui (Muhammed Cham, 75th)K.Andric, G. Kyei (J. Allevinah, 68th)

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