Stupidity destroys decades of voluntary work

There is always vandalism on the castle grounds

There is always vandalism on the castle grounds
©Helmut Koeck

Feldkirch. Last weekend, on November 20th and 21st, 2022, there was again completely incomprehensible and irresponsible destruction of the historic masonry on the Tostnerburg.

A stranger, probably acting out of stupidity, sprayed the centuries-old southern enclosing wall with graffiti, which was several meters long and about one and a half meters high, which – if at all – can only be removed with great effort. According to initial estimates, the damage caused to the Feldkirch Museum Association, which works on a voluntary basis, should amount to several thousand euros. bailiff Markus Kevenhoerster, who has been lovingly caring for the association’s privately owned medieval castle complex for more than 30 years, is devastated and fighting back tears. Things can’t go on like this at the Tostnerburg! It is precisely because of such acts that the closure of the popular excursion destination by the owners is again being discussed.

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