Suazo reveals that all the referents wanted him as captain

Gabriel Suazo was one of the most criticized of the 2020 season, however today the situation is different: he is captain of Colo Colo and has increased his performance considerably.

The left-back spoke with El Deportivo de La Tercera on a particular topic: the Cacique’s genet. At just 24 years old, he became one of the youngest captains of the institution.

“I have had to share the dressing room with high-ranking players who have been captains. I played with (Gonzalo) Fierro, then with Esteban (Paredes); with Jaime Valdés and Jorge (Valdivia). I remember when I was not playing with Tito (Tapia). ), Jaime told me ‘always in my team, starter and captain’ “, he expressed.

He also added that two other referents touched on the issue of the genet. “When El Mago went to Mexico, he told me ‘Gaby, I’m sure you’re going to be the captain of Colo Colo, get ready for that.’ And Esteban, although he didn’t want to leave, he was already telling me that his legacy It was going to be the jineta towards me; that I deserved it … That my colleagues and that type of people, with tremendous experience, tell you, it is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me and I am very grateful to them. They are very important in my personal and professional life “, he detailed.

Gabriel Suazo also spoke about his appointment to be captain of Colo Colo. “There was no voting, but it was played by playing the friendlies, where I started as captain. Likewise, my teammates told me” hello, cap “. So, we already had it half internalized. Although, I carry the genet, but inside There are many leaders of the team. There is Mati Zaldivia, Torta Opazo or Indio (Cortés) “, he counted.

Gabriel Suazo in Colo Colo

Finally he added that, “Being captain is a tremendous responsibility and it is not only on the pitch. Outside of it, there are a million things that have to be done that Gonzalo or Esteban did before. And for that, the boys have helped me in everything Clear sense. The captain, above all, has to demonstrate. For example, if I am sent off for something inappropriate on the court, it will cause much more repercussion than if I were another player. I am the captain of Colo Colo and I always have to give the example. For me it is beautiful to have that kind of pressure “.

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