Subsidies for performing arts will now be conditional on the fight against sexual violence

In an interview with Parisian, the Minister of Culture reveals that subsidized entertainment structures will now have to respect commitments to fight against sexual violence.

On this international day against violence against women, Roselyne Bachelot wants to be on the offensive. Subsidies for performing arts will be conditional on the respect of formal “commitments” against violence as part of a new government fight plan, announces the Minister of Culture in The Parisian.

“If a lot has been done (…), we must still hurry,” clearly announces the policy.

To do this, Roselyne Bachelot “conditions aid for all performing arts structures subsidized by the ministry on the respect of five commitments against gender-based and sexual violence and harassment”.

“Raise awareness among teams”

Among these, it is a question of “creating an effective reporting system and processing each testimony”, “training from 2022 the management” and the supervision “in the collection of words and the management of situations of violence”.

The 1249 currently subsidized structures which include national stages, national drama centers but also festivals or companies, will also have to “formally sensitize the teams and organize risk prevention”, further detailed the Minister.

A point will be made with each structure at the end of each subsidy period, further advances the former television host.

“The redemption” of an artist, “Cornelian” subject

If this plan is not aimed at private cultural structures, Roselyne Bachelot “says she is confident”.

“The societal movement is extremely powerful (…) and it will be harder and harder to ignore it,” she said.

Roselyne Bachelot also discusses the presence of music composed by Bertrand Cantat, convicted in 2003 for the murder of Marie Trintignant, in a play currently performed at the Théâtre de la Colline.

“Can a criminal artist be redeemed while a plumber would be? The subject is delicate, even Cornelian (…) When we come out of millennia of oppression, we need (radicalism). Now, my role of minister is to try to have a balanced position. “

The revelation in mid-October of this collaboration had sparked debate, in full movement # MeTooThéâtre denouncing violence.

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