Success at Prima la musica

Success at Prima la musica

The students of the music school Walgau achieved great ratings in the music competition “Prima la musica”.

This year, around 350 children and young people from all over Vorarlberg took part in the traditional “Prima la musica” competition, which took place in Feldkirch at the beginning of March. From the Walgau Music School there were five contributors in all.

From Nüziders goods Paula and Rosa Walter with you. The twin sisters have been teaching for a number of years Dir. Christian Mathis Clarinet. Since January, the programs of the two have been practiced intensively and also together with Michael Plagg performed at the piano several times. The great prizes show that the good preparation of the two was worth it. Rosa received a first prize, Paula a second prize. The two sisters also play with the young musicians of Nüziders.

The music school congratulates all participants on their great success!

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