Successfully launched a Chinese mobile game overseas in August 2022: “Magic Tower” won the champion of overseas revenue growth, and a number of new overseas games have experienced strong revenue growth

The Sensor Tower store intelligence platform has released the revenue and download rankings of Chinese mobile game products in overseas markets in August 2022. The detailed list changes are as follows.

August overseas mobile game revenue list

In mid-August, the 3.0 version of Mihayou’s “Yuan Shen” was officially launched. With the update of game scenes, characters, plots and activities, overseas income remained stable this month, and it has won the championship of the overseas mobile game income list.

With the opening of the new season and the update of activities, Tencent’s “PUBG Mobile”‘s overseas revenue in August increased by 21.2% month-on-month, rising 3 places to the second place in the income list, and ranked third in the current overseas revenue growth list. As of August 2022, the game’s total overseas revenue has exceeded $3.6 billion, with the US, Japan and Saudi Arabia being the top overseas markets.

The light sci-fi open world adventure mobile game “Illusion Tower” jointly launched by Tencent and Perfect World officially landed in overseas markets on August 11. Since its launch, the game’s revenue has risen rapidly. In August, overseas revenue exceeded 44 million US dollars, ranking fifth in the overseas mobile game revenue list, and ranked first in the current revenue growth list, of which the Japanese market contributed about 42% of overseas revenue.

Thanks to the game version update in early August and the launch of the 7th season at the end of the month, the overseas revenue of “Call of Duty Mobile Games” jointly launched by Tencent and Activision Blizzard increased by 29.1% month-on-month, ranking up 3 places to 6th, ranking 5th on the overseas revenue growth list. Since its launch in October 2019, the game’s total overseas revenue has exceeded US$1.55 billion.

Affected by the 2.5th anniversary celebration of the Japanese server version, the popularity of “Tomorrow’s Ark” in the Japanese market continued. On the basis of the 187% month-on-month increase in overseas revenue in July, the revenue in August increased by 71% again, and the ranking rose 13 places to the income list. No. 10, and ranked No. 4 in this period’s revenue growth list.

August mobile game revenue growth list

In early August, Haibi officially launched the English version of “Bombshell” “Survivor!.io” in overseas markets. With the European and American cartoon style and unique Roguelike mowing gameplay, the game immediately topped the United States, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. In the iOS mobile game download list in many markets, the overseas revenue was approaching US$14 million in less than a month after the launch, ranking second in the current overseas mobile game revenue growth list.

On August 26, the mobile card game “X-HERO” under Glacier Network replaced the game icon with the “Doge” dog head, and added a mini-game of ultra-casual games to save dogs, airborne in the United States, Brazil, Indonesia and other markets. It topped the iOS download list, and its overseas revenue in August nearly doubled month-on-month, making it the 6th place in the current overseas mobile game revenue growth list.

The Oriental Metaverse MMO new game “The Covenant of Time” from Sky Entertainment landed in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia in early August. With its unique themes, celebrity endorsements and advertising, the game ranks among the top mobile game revenue growth in this issue. 8th on the list.

Another brand new action shooting mobile game “Kinja Run” launched by Haibi in late July, which integrates parkour, Roguelike+RPG and other gameplay, quickly gained market recognition. The current overseas revenue increased by 7.5 times compared to the previous month, and was shortlisted 9th on the revenue growth list.

MergeGames launched the female-themed synthetic mobile game “Gossip Harbor” in early June, which integrates synthetic gameplay into the twists and turns of the game plot. The overseas revenue in August was four times that of July, ranking 12th on the revenue growth list.

In addition, Zulong Entertainment’s “In the Name of Shining”, Perfect World’s “Dragon Babu 2” Hong Kong and Taiwan version, and the Japanese version of Yihuan’s “Final Front” (クァンタムマキ) and other overseas new tours were shortlisted for the current revenue growth list.

August mobile game download list

Wonder Group’s ultra-casual puzzle-solving mobile game “Save the Doge” has received more than 15 million downloads in overseas markets in this issue, reaching 3.7 times the number of downloads in July, reaching the top of the overseas mobile game download list.

Hippo Games’ ultra-casual mobile game “Snake Lite” saw a 30.7% month-on-month increase in downloads in August, and its ranking rose to No. 2 on the list.

Perfect World’s “Magic Tower” has been downloaded 8.55 million times since it landed in overseas markets on August 11, and successfully ranked fourth on the overseas mobile game download list in this issue.

The new game “Survivor!.io” from Haibi surpassed 8.5 million overseas downloads this month, ranking 5th on the overseas mobile game download list in August, of which 40% of the downloads came from the US market.

The overseas mobile games that entered the Top 30 download list for the first time also include 31 Dress up Games “Bored Ape Creator – NFT Art”, Sixth Power “Mutant Run”, Glacier Network “X-HERO”, Potato Games Studio “Dancing Hair – Music” Race 3D and Sort Em All by BigPanda Studios.

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