Successfully launched Chinese mobile games overseas in May 2022: Lilith’s “Dislyte” airborne revenue list, Tencent’s “Honor of Kings” overseas revenue hit a new high

The Sensor Tower store intelligence platform released the revenue and downloads rankings of Chinese mobile game products in overseas markets in May 2022. The detailed list changes are as follows.

Mobile game revenue list in May

Lilith’s 3D card mobile game “Dislyte” released overseas on May 10, with novel urban mythology themes, cool 3D cyberpunk art style and rhythmic music elements, integrates core cards. On the first day of its launch, it topped the iOS mobile game download list in the United States, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and other countries and regions, and dropped to the 18th place in the current overseas revenue list, ranking first in the revenue growth list. In May, the estimated overseas revenue of the game approached 20 million US dollars, of which the US market revenue accounted for more than 53%.

With the launch of new content such as Titan Equipment, the overseas revenue of Camel Games’ survival-building strategy mobile game “Age of Origins” reached a new high in the three years since its launch, and the ranking moved up 3 places to 10th. Under the competition of a variety of survival mobile game themes, this game insists on listening to player feedback, continuously optimizes and creates game content, and makes steady progress in the US and Japanese markets.

Thanks to activities such as the “2022 Thanksgiving Festival and Spring” and payment promotions, “Tomorrow’s Ark”‘s May revenue increased by 19% month-on-month, and its ranking rose 3 places to 21st.

Driven by the May 5th Friends Day, Tencent’s “Honor of Kings” broke the record of single-day turnover and monthly income since its overseas listing. The current overseas gold attracted more than 13 million US dollars, a month-on-month increase of 35%, and returned to the top of the overseas mobile game revenue list. 26.

The list of revenue growth of overseas mobile games in May

After successfully landing in the Chinese Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau markets, 4399 Games launched the fantasy adventure RPG mobile game “Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend” in the Southeast Asian market in early May. On the day of its launch, the game topped the iOS mobile game download list in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other places. In this period, its overseas revenue increased by 130% month-on-month, ranking second in the growth list.

Since its launch in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and North America in April 2022, ONEMT’s two-dimensional placement RPG mobile game “Girls Back to War” has been ranked TOP5 in the iOS mobile game download list in Taiwan, China for one month in a row. With the strong performance of the Taiwan market, the game’s overseas revenue in the current period increased by 214% month-on-month, ranking third in the growth list.

Mihayou “Honkai 3” ushered in the 29th chapter version update of the main line in May. At the same time, thanks to the new characters and costumes, the current overseas revenue increased by 75% month-on-month, returning to the fourth place in the growth list.

The mobile game “DC Heroes: Idle League”, an idle card mobile game adapted by Chaoxi Guangnian’s DC IP, landed in South Korea, Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau markets at the end of April. With its exquisite 3D art style, rich hero characters and diverse idle gameplay, The game has attracted many players, and its income has steadily increased, ranking 9th on the growth list. It has become another idle card mobile game under Chaoxi Guangnian that has successfully gone overseas after “Unbridled Martial Arts”.

At the beginning of May, Sanqi Interactive Entertainment launched the ant theme SLG mobile game “Ant Legion Ant Army”, which attracted European and American players with its novel ant theme and successfully ranked 11th in this month’s growth list.

In addition, the products shortlisted for the first time include the KOMOE GAME two-dimensional RPG mobile game “Mobile Fighter: Fusion”, the ant-themed SLG mobile game “Ant Clan’s Soldier” under Guangzhou Tianyou, and the Three Kingdoms ARPG mobile game under Beijing Titanium Interactive. Play Dynasty Legends 2.

The download list of mobile games going overseas in May

Tencent’s “PUBG Mobile” has been downloaded more than 9.82 million times in overseas markets in this issue, ranking first on the list.

The parking puzzle hyper-casual mobile game “Parking Jam: Mega Escape” launched by Joymaster Studio in April 2022 has more than 8 million downloads overseas, ranking third in the download list, of which the Indian market accounted for more than 8 million downloads. 78%.

The six-power racing mobile game “Shape-shifting” saw a 16% month-on-month increase in overseas downloads this month, and its ranking rose 6 places, ranking 7th on the list.

Yalla Technology’s chess and card mobile game “Yalla Ludo” saw a 39% month-on-month increase in overseas downloads this month, and its ranking rose 9 places to 11th.

In addition, products shortlisted for the first time include Lilith urban mythology RPG mobile game “Dislyte”, 31 Dress up Games fashion dress up ultra-casual mobile game “Vlinder Fashion Queen Dress Up”, Dodo synthetic mobile game “Gem Planet Merge- Puzzle”, Nox Future digital coloring mobile game “Color Time – Paint by Number”, Tap 2 Fun ultra-casual mobile game “Fish”.

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