Sudden change in Eurovision: Announced just days before the final – Cornelia Jakobs is affected

Cornelia Jakobs

Now the organizers announce a sudden change in the layout.

There have been many tours around Cornelia Jakob’s appearance in Turin. As you know, Cornelia represents Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest, and competes tonight in the hope of qualifying for the grand final on Saturday.

But the journey so far has been unlucky. Cornelia Jakobs has repeatedly encountered patrols in the form of technical trouble, and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that the evening’s performance is spared. Now Aftonbladet reports on a sudden change around the competition – with only miserable days left until the final.

Sweden affected by covidfall

In addition to Cornelia Jakob’s technical problems, the Swedish team has also suffered a covid case. It was the Swedish artist Linnea Henriksson who, together with Edward af Sillén, would comment on the semi-finals, who received a positive test result on arrival.

Linnea Henriksson sadly had to travel back to Sweden, and they were forced to change their planning. Instead, Edward had to comment on the competitions himself, and the final they broadcast together, but from different places. Edward in Turin, and Linnea in Stockholm.

And covid in particular has been an imminent threat to all competitors. According to Aftonbladet, covid tests have been performed on the participants every other day, and it has been mandatory to wear a mask. Getting a positive test result is a horror scenario for everyone involved – then you risk missing the final.

The turnaround – days before it is decided

But now it’s a new bid, which is a reassuring message for Cornelia Jakobs and all artists who have feared a positive test result. Aftonbladet’s Tobbe Ek which is on site in Turin, reports on the new message from the EBU.

Turin has chosen to stop the regular covid testing, a decision that affects both artists and other people on site. This is because the number of positive tests linked to the major event is well below the national average.

It is the TV company Rais that together with the local health authorities in Turin made the decision.

Hopefully the participants can breathe a little now, but still stay fit and fit for the big final!

Photo: TT

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