“Suddenly the neighbors and relatives are sitting in the audience”

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André Görke reports from SPANDAU:

  • Premiere! She doesn’t mince words in front of her 70,000 Twitter followers, but now she has to prove herself to her neighbors and acquaintances: Interview with Spandau’s best-known author Renate Bergmann in the newsletter about her 1st reading in Spandau, the old town, heat and savings tips.
    In addition, these topics are covered:
  • “Not only schools affected”: In the newsletter, the city council reveals which road construction sites in Spandau were stopped by the billion-euro austerity package
  • From Staaken to Siemensstadt: where are new school buildings planned at all? There is now a new list
  • Heinrich Böll School: Keys handed over after 30 years of history
  • Spandau is getting new trees: the number, the planting time – and which well-known streets from Staaken to Haselhorst are involved this time, the newsletter reveals
  • 1st neighborhood block planned in Spandau – the story behind it goes back many years
  • Reader photos from the port of Kladow: There are also new parking spaces for cars – and endless P signs
  • Excursion tips: Hahneberg, citadel – and lanterns in Little Venice
  • Sports: Mayor’s Cup with Mayoress
  • Water protection police distribute flyers on the Havel – and show a nasty video

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Johanna Treblin reports from MARZAHN-HELLERSDORF:

  • New and old street lamps
  • The takeaways remain
  • The first lantern charging stations were inaugurated
  • The sand is coming: Problems at Carl Achard Elementary School are slowly being solved
  • Series of burglaries – 33-year-old in court
  • Exhibition in Biesdorf Castle: Toni Mau
  • Tip: Miniature Alt-Marzahn
  • Summer vacation travel to Gardens of the World
  • District and BSR organize bulky waste campaign days
  • Start of tree sponsorships

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