Suffering from Covid, anti-vax singer Eric Clapton is forced to cancel concerts

The famous rocker, who has repeatedly expressed his opposition to anti-Covid measures, has caught the coronavirus and is forced to cancel his concerts.

Eric Clapton, who had refused to play in halls asking their spectators to provide proof of vaccination against Covid-19, in turn caught the virus, he announced on his Facebook page.

“Eric Clapton unfortunately suffers from Covid. He tested positive after his second concert at the Royal Albert Hall. His doctors told him that he should not travel and play in order to recover completely. Eric also fears transmitting the virus to his team and of course his fans,” a statement read.

The singer was therefore forced to cancel his concerts scheduled in Zurich on May 17 and in Milan on May 18. He hopes to be able to recover for his shows in Bogota (Bolivia) on May 20 and 21.

Firmly opposed to anti-Covid measures

Eric Clapton has been one of the artists most opposed to anti-Covid measures. In November 2020 he released the single Stand and Deliver in duet with Van Morrison, an anti-lockdown song. He announced two months later his “severe reaction” to the AstraZeneca vaccine from which he would have taken ten days to recover.

He also released another song last year against the anti-Covid measures, This Has Gotta Stop. “It’s gotta stop, enough is enough, I can’t take this bullshit anymore,” the 76-year-old guitarist sings in the chorus, before continuing: “We’ve come far enough as it is, if you will. take my soul, you’re going to have to break down this door.”

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