Sugar Ray Robinson and the ‘premonition’ that came true: the day he fatally wounded his rival in the ring

Sugar Ray Robinson marked a stage in world boxing. Considered by many to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in history, his legacy transcended the ring – where he not only landed deadly punches on his rivals, but also where he took refuge from racism. However, beyond the glory accumulated in his career, there is an episode that left a mark: Jimmy Doyle’s death during a fight they had. Trome reminds you of this unfortunate episode from the boxing almanacs.

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There are many legends that one hears of Sugar Ray Robinson. December 20, 1946. A unique date for him as he became the 147-pound welterweight champion by defeating Tommy Bell by unanimous decision. He managed to revalidate his success with two fights until he had a rival who would leave him traumatized: Jimmy Doyle, a young boxer who had a streak of 5 consecutive victories. Everything indicated that it would be a historic fight. And yes it would be.

Sugar Ray Robinson’s Premonition

As different media reports from that time indicate, both delegations had been fulfilling their concentration prior to the fight. However, everything changed after he revealed that he had a “premonition” or dream on Saturday night: he had “seen” that he would kill his rival on the canvas.

The skilled fighter ended up so scared that he considered not showing up for the welterweight title fight. With the advice of a priest or minister -this varies according to the reports of the time-, he ends up putting aside his fear of him and gets into the ring to dispute the fight.

The tragic fight Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Jimmy Doyle

On June 24, the night of the fight took place. Both met in the ring, where they would remain active until the eighth round. It was thus that Sugar Ray Robinson landed a powerful left hook with which he would leave Doyle on the canvas. However, this would not rise again.

Fight between Sugar Ray Robinson and Jimmy Doyle

And it is that, as was recorded in the records of that time, Jimmy Doyle – who had suffered a brain injury after a fight a year earlier – was left unconscious and had to be treated by the medical staff. Thus, he was rushed to a nearby hospital. However, after several hours he ended up dying on June 25 due to brain injuries.

What happened to Sugar Ray Robinson after this fateful event?

Robinson took a short break to recover from this hard blow. The following year he would return to the fights, getting up to five times in the ring – only one was with the title at stake.

In addition, Sugar Ray Robinson, as a show of support, gave Jimmy Doyle’s parents $50 compensation over 10 years, allowing them to purchase a home at the time.

Sugar Ray Robinson, legendary boxer who was involved in a fateful fight after the death of Jimmy Doyle.
Sugar Ray Robinson, legendary boxer who was involved in a fateful fight after the death of Jimmy Doyle.

He would die in 1989, after fighting diabetes mellitus and Alzheimer’s. He died at the age of 67 in Los Angeles and was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990, thus recognizing his contribution to boxing.


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