Sukerman met with more than 60 unions from the province

First of all, he spoke Sergio Aladio, Secretary General of the Santa Fe Teamsters Union, who expressed: “I appreciate the presence of so many workers who continue to accompany us in each meeting we hold. We decided to be present because we understand the commitment of Robert Sukerman with the workers and the federalism that we proclaim daily from the interior”.

Today, having a leader in the province in such an important position for unions and workers is essential. In these moments that we live, we need leaders who are a link with the nation’s Ministry of Labor and we understand Roberto’s commitment to the workers of this province,” said the trade unionist.

And he continued: “This is a great incentive for the leaders of the interior, so that they understand the importance of unity of workers and that we also understand that the solutions come from our commitment to the workers, understand that a fairer country is achieved with the workers included and not as they want us to believe, with the workers excluded”.

To its turn, Robert Sukerman, thanked Ismael Marcón for receiving them at his home once again for this type of meeting. “I remember in the midst of a pandemic a meeting right here, in the open air and complying with all health protocols to defend the employment and occupational health of workers. Now we must unite so that the plans of those who want to destroy the State, development and sources of employment do not advance.”.

He then thanked Serge Aladio for the massive call. In addition, the Chief of Staff was comforted by such an important call by the unions and thanked the invitation.

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“What you are doing is fundamental, keep it up, unite. It is the only way to effectively defend workers in such difficult times. We must strengthen federalism and the autonomy of each union nucleus. We must recognize the diversity of perspectives and realities that our province and our country have. An Argentina with productive development, employment generation and social inclusion is built with the particularities of each regional economy, of each locality, of each corner of the country.

Great call at the meeting between Sukerman and the unions.

“So, I am touring the country at the request of Minister Claudio Moronito be close to each demand” added Sukerman.

He also referred to the public policies carried out during the pandemic in relation to employment. Sukerman He noted that “the government of Alberto Fernández paid and pays salaries with the ATP and with the Repro, which allowed him to preserve millions of jobs and that many companies do not lower their blinds. This also allowed to keep the productive capacity intact.”

“That is why today the economic numbers are so good and will continue to improve. We recovered the 10 GDP points lost in the pandemic, today there are more workers than in December 2019, we have a record of exports and we have a great future because we have what that the world demands: food, gas, oil, lithium, green hydrogen, knowledge-based services, to name a few,” the official asserted.

To end, Sukerman expressed: “That we have hopes for a better future does not mean that we do not see the problems of the present. There are many things to improve. It’s up to us to fix what Macri and his friends destroyed. There cannot be workers who do not make ends meet, we have to recover purchasing power as soon as possible and stop inflation. We cannot have social plans forever, we have to turn them into quality work. We have an arduous task of training our people for the complex and technical jobs of the 21st century.”

The meeting was held at the campsite of the Union of Workers of Service Stations, Garages, Beaches and Automatic Car Washes (SOESGPyLA) that it owns in Rosario.

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