"Summer Doctor’s" honest words about the family – reveal their relationship status

Now the truth comes out.

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Marcus Olausson, 36, has now become a familiar face in TV4’s long-running Nyhetsmorgon. From time to time he visits the morning sofa to talk about, for example, motion sickness and gives his opinion as a doctor. He has also previously advised on health-promoting exercise in the morning programme.

This summer he can be seen in the TV box, of course, because he is this year’s “summer doctor”. In other words, he replaces the veteran Mikael “Soldoktorn” Sandström, 64.

The unknown life of the summer doctor – the private details out

But anyone who pays attention probably recognizes Marcus Olausson. Because he has been seen in the box but in completely different contexts. The 36-year-old appeared as muscular Hercules, one of the muscle-flexing profiles in “Gladiators”, also on TV4.

Marcus Olausson left life as a gladiator and personal trainer to focus on the medical profession in 2016, although the interest in exercise and health remains.

– The fact that it became medical studies from the beginning was because I wanted to take my great interest, which is health and exercise, one step further, he has previously said.

Now the summer doctor reveals the family relationship

With the various television appearances, many have become curious and want to know more about Olausson’s private life. For Happened he tells us that he has an 11-year-old daughter but that he and the daughter’s mother went their separate ways almost ten years ago.

– My daughter’s mother is from Östersund. We have been separated for a long time. Almost ten years ago. But we both live in Stockholm and have our daughter half the time each, he says.

When it comes to finding love again, Marcus has succeeded well. A couple of years ago he met a woman after being single for 2-3 years.

– On Tinder actually! It was a coincidence, so we clicked. She is a really nice and cozy girl who is from Stockholm, he says and elaborates further:

– Both (daughter and girlfriend) are such simple girls, get along very well. Both very warm and cozy, so it works well.

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