“Summer house of the stars” – Mike etches against Mola: “He only simulates”

This expulsion hurt twice …

Ex-Viva presenter Mola Adebisi (48) and his girlfriend Adelina (33) almost simultaneously threw in the towel during an exhausting exit challenge. Especially annoying for both of them: Ironically, the couple with whom they had the most stress on the show won the day.

Review: Even when you moved in, the air was thick. Actress Michelle Momballijn (42) confessed to her husband Mike (33): “I used to be with Mola for a while.” The liason was 15 years ago – but Adebisi was still for the jealous reality star (“Temptation Island”) from then on a red cloth.

Mike had to nibble from the start that his Michelle had something with Mola a long, long time agoPhoto: RTL

Mola’s partner also clashed with Mike again and again. Adelina whispered to the others: “I saw evil in his eyes.” A showdown was looming during the exit voting in the previous episode. Mike and Michelle were nominated by all of the couples. They were allowed to choose a pair for the playoff and, unsurprisingly, chose Mola plus his girlfriend as their opponent.

The fact that the presenter pulled his calf and limped at the previous match couldn’t change that. Above all, Mike didn’t take the number from him and etched: “He’s only simulating.” A doctor finally gave Mola and his leg the green light. The TV star didn’t leave any good hair on the competition. “Even if they win the game, they will always be losers.”


Adelina didn’t warm to Mike eitherPhoto: RTL

In a direct duel, the couples had to play to stay in the house. The match required strength and skill. While the men had to pull a basket up and hold it for as long as possible, the women were supposed to throw weights into the opponent’s basket. As soon as a basket hits the ground, the challenge is over.

Mola has to start the journey home

Mola has to start the journey homePhoto: RTL

Even before it started, Michelle confessed: “I can’t throw well.” In fact, Team Mola / Adelina was ahead by a nose for a long time. But at some point the tide turned. While Michelle sank every weight in the basket, Adelina barely met and snorted: “I can no longer!” Her loved one also lost her strength. Mola struggled and sweated, but his opponents were just better.

In order not to impose even more on his girlfriend, he finally ended the match at his own request, proclaiming: “I’m letting go now. It’s not worth it. ”The end for him and Adelina. But he wanted to make one thing clear when he left: “They didn’t hit us. We gave up. “

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