Summer pruning course of the fruit and gardening association Hard

©Norbert Beneder, Hard

The summer pruning course is an important supplement to the winter pruning. But berries should also get their attention.

At the beginning, Egon Puschngg welcomed about 30 participants and informed about the further activities of the association and introduced the speakers of the evening, Siegi Rohner and Gebhard Bechter.

Gebhard Bechter explained the professional pruning of currants, gooseberries and grapevines and was able to offer answers to many other questions of the interested participants due to his enormous specialist knowledge.

Our tree attendant Siegi Rohner first gave a lecture on the principles of summer pruning. Fruit trees are brought back into shape with a careful pruning, whereby the three aspects AIR – LIGHT – SUN are in the foreground. Siegi Rohner demonstrated the procedure, also explaining the “tearing” of the shoots as a gentle form of removing the water shot. The summer pruning slows down growth, leads to the formation of new fruit shoots and ensures that the existing fruits ripen better.

A big thanks goes out Gebhard Bechter and Siegi Rohner for the expert care and guidance, but also Reinhard Maeser as chairman of the allotment garden association, Walter Kuehne for the co-organization with all their helpers and the catering after the training.

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