Summer vacation: Dortmund Airport: Is my vacation plane on time?

Chaos reigns at Düsseldorf Airport – umpteen flights are canceled or delayed. And at Dortmund Airport? All arrivals and departures here.

  • chaos at Dusseldorf Airport: Many flights are delayed or do not take place.
  • As well on Dortmund Airport many planes take off and land late.
  • In our overview find info about all arrivals and departures in Dortmund.

It’s partly chaotic sceneslocated at Dusseldorf Airport have played in the past few days and weeks. Even if there is hope for improvement, the fear of renewed airport chaos at the start of the summer holidays in NRW is great.

But how does it look? Dortmund Airport out? Is the plane going on vacation on time? We have information on all arrivals and departures at Dortmund Airport in one overview.

Dortmund Airport – Is my flight on time? Arrivals and departures at a glance

departures all information about the planned departures in Dortmund:

Arrivals – all information about the planned landings in Dortmund:

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