Summers of yesteryear: “Is there atmosphere? » Club Med in 1966, « a neo-leisure society »

Oh, summer! Holidays, travels, loves… but also hesitations – sea or mountain? Idleness or hyperactivity? –, the novelties, the conflicts sometimes, around this special period of the year. This summer, we offer you a stroll through the summer archives of the “Nouvel Observateur”, in light or serious mode over the years.

In July 1966, the Club Méditerranée was sixteen years old, the “Obs” not even two years old. It was not until 1977 that the Splendid troupe performed its show “Amours, coquillages et crustacés”, which in 1978 became “les Bronzés” at the cinema, mocking holidays at Club Med, but this holiday formula is already famous. . The weekly paints an acid portrait of it in the long report below.

Summers of yesteryear: “There are more and more cameras in circulation and it is irreversible”

Article published in “Le Nouvel Observateur” n° 89, July 27, 1966

(The title and typography are contemporary.)


Happiness in the making

by Jean-Francis Held

“We give them the beach, the sea, the sun, the swimming pool, sailing boats, balls of
petanque, sports fields, tennis courts, a good orchestra, a kitchen
admirable, wine at will, beautiful, edgy ladies… and we still need them
tickle under the arms to keep them from getting bored…”

Here is the attentive solitary, the walker pointing his eyes and his memory as a
camera, the real man with his pipe between his teeth and his

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