Super Christmas (Disney +): what is the link between the series and the films?

The most magical season of the year is already starting on television and many creations await fans of the genre. Among them, the series Great Christmasderived from the films of the same name, to be discovered on Disney+.

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The Christmas season is open! After the film trilogy Great Christmas, discover the new series derived from Disney +, available since Wednesday, November 16, sixteen years after the last installment. Tim Allen dons the costume of Santa Claus Scott Calvin for an enchanted and magical series. But Santa Claus is no longer the same. On the eve of his sixty-fifth birthday, he desperately tries to find an heir, but things don’t seem as simple as he imagined. At the same time, the one who wants to hand over the reins prepares his family for a new adventure on the continent.

Reunion in the cast

Prepare your best hot chocolate, for a crazy casting. Eric Lloyd, the first son of Santa Claus, who is none other than Charlie, has grown up well and remains faithful to the cast. But that’s not all ! David Krumholtz retains this role of the elf Bernard. Our favorite Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell is also back on screen. Surprise in the casting: Kal Penn, former actor in Dr House, interprets the role of Simon Choksi, a dad filled with imagination, ready to do anything to fulfill his daughter’s desires. Wouldn’t he be the next contender for Santa’s sleigh? But that’s not all, Tim Allen’s daughter, Elizabeth Allen Dick, plays her real role!

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santa claus flashbacks

From the first episode, of the series, we are immersed in the universe of the first film of 1994. The nostalgic Santa Claus, Scott Calvin plunges back into his distant memories… like Charlie’s first trip to the North Pole. In full loss of power, Scott Calvin decides to go on an adventure to recreate this magic. Problem ? The children he met in 1994 have now grown up, as is the case with the first little girl who left him cookies…

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