Superclassic is always winning! Colo Colo defeats the U, stretches the years of undefeated to ten and escapes at the top of the tournament

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The Cacique had to make a lot of effort to beat a rival who, especially in the first half, sold dearly for the defeat at the Fiscal de Talca. Double by Juan Martín Lucero and a bit by Leonardo Gil to dye another Superclásico of Chilean football white, something that is already a healthy habit. Three gold points to escape to the top and put credentials on the table in the fight for the title.

The Cacique prevailed over the U in Superclásico 192!
© William Salazar.The Cacique prevailed over the U in Superclásico 192!

One more years, who cares, how many have already gone. And it is that Colo Colo against the University of Chile is for history and is even a reason for study, since the 192nd edition of the Superclásico was once again dyed white thanks to the 3-1 victory at the Fiscal Stadium in Talca for the date 20 of the 2022 National Championship, thus stretching the years of undefeated against the blues to ten in this kind of match.

The match started uphill for Cacique, as they suffered an early penalty against Esteban Pavez after a handball inside the area and a subsequent VAR review. Luckily Alba Cristián Palacios defined badly to his right and sent the ball wide. Everything was still 0-0, but it was a wake-up call not to make such childish mistakes.

After cardboard to that play came a good ball from Leonardo Gil to Juan Martín Lucero that the goalkeeper Cristóbal Campos left giving bounce and served to Alexander Oroz, who shot and found the good bilge in double instance of the blue. Colo Colo reacted little by little in Talca.

The rival pressed the exit of the Cacique and with that he generated some attempts in attack, although without generating much danger in the goal of Brayan Cortés.

After somewhat complicated passages, joy would come for the albos at the feet of Juan Martín Lucero. It was the 19th minute and El Gato was brought down by Daniel Navarrete inside the area, being charged as a penalty by Piero Maza after reviewing it in the VAR. The same Argentine attacker stopped in front of the ball and at 23′ with a soft shot to the right he opened the account in Talca. Colo Colo hit first.

The Cacique gained in confidence and at 31′ he had an option to score with a lobbed header from Lucero that Campos sent with the right to the corner kick. Entertaining match in the Maule Region.

Unfortunately, from a possible 2-0 we went to 1-1 in a matter of minutes, since at 34′ Ronnie Fernández scored the equalizer for the Blues after a steal from Palacios to Zaldivia and a good definition by the attacker inside the area . A neglect in defense cost an unusual goal against.

Near the end of the first half, the Cacique scored the 2-1 through Agustín Bouzat after a good deep pass from Gil, but an offside by Oroz on the same play ended up nullifying everything and leaving the score at 1-1. It would be the last thing before we go to rest in the Talca Prosecutor.


The first approximation of the second half came with Matías Zaldivia and a header that found the hands of Campos. The U responded with a low shot from Lucas Assadi that went just short of Cortés’s right post.

It didn’t take long for the first change to arrive on the part of Gustavo Quinteros, who at 53′ decided to hire Cristián Zavala for Alexander Oroz. Post by post the alba modification.

An unbeatable opportunity for Cacique came at 59′ with a good pass from Leo Gil to Lucero and a definition from Gato that went over the horizontal. However, Colo Colo would have his revenge.

Minute 61 and the Cacique put together a good play between Lucero, Zavala and Bouzat, triangulating and finishing everything with a pass to Leo Gil inside the area that he defined with an unstoppable shot. A great goal of tremendous collective bill for Colo Colo to recover the advantage in Talca. 2-1 the albos were put on.

After cardboard Quinteros made another change by giving entry to Bruno Gutiérrez by Agustín Bouzat. With 64′ on the clock, the Cacique had three defenders with Gutiérrez, Zaldivia and Falcón.

The Cacique slowed down for long minutes and cooled any blue attack, taking care of the ball and waiting for the right moment to hit the last blow.

And that blow came at 81′. Center by Leonardo Gil from a free kick, in a kind of short corner, which found a solid header by Juan Martín Lucerowho placed it in an impossible corner to score 3-1 for Colo Colo and begin to stain the Superclásico definitively in white.

The marker would not move anymore and so another Superclásico was dyed white, this time in the Fiscal Stadium of Talca, a venue that in recent times has been transformed into a kind of amulet for the Cacique. It will be 10 years undefeated against the classic rival, something that will undoubtedly go down in history for our institution. In addition, we escaped at the top and stretched the advantage thinking about the goal of being champion. Let’s keep it up guys, because we can’t loosen up.

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