Supergirl might be canceled after Batgirl

This is the news DC Comics fans don’t necessarily want to hear. According to Rolling Stone magazine, Supergirl could follow Batgirl and be canceled by the studio.

Supergirl could bow out as Batgirl

Warner-Discovery is taking advantage of its new management to make a radical decision. That of canceling projects among which Batgirl when the film was almost finished. A cold shower for the team between official and unofficial reasons. Now fans fear further cancellations. According to an article in Rolling Stone magazine, this announcement portends the worst for future DC Comics films. And especially Supergirl.

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Towards a cancellation for the feature film?

Image 2: Supergirl could be canceled after Batgirl
Big DC cancellations coming? – Credit: Warner Bros. Discovery

Supergirl is going to be introduced in The Flash and several set images show off Sasha Calle in her costume. But after the cancellation of Batgirl, Rolling Stone shares that the heroine feature can follow this path.

The magazine states: Now, the prospect of more DC movies being tossed looms. Insiders say that Supergirl, currently in development, might not move forward “. And the side situation The Flash doesn’t fix anything. The film has a difficult production with several director changes.

Not to mention that Ezra Miller was pinned for his violent behavior and other antics. Which doesn’t really help Warner-Discovery. For the moment, even if the rumor swells, there is no question of a cancellation for The Flash.

This is a project too expensive and major from DC Comics to meet the same fate as Batgirl.

A major role for Sasha Calle

Image 3: Supergirl could be canceled after Batgirl
Supergirl will be in The Flash – Credit: Warner Bros. Discovery

The cancellation of Supergirl would be a big disappointment for Sasha Calle. The actress has repeatedly shared her joy in playing the heroine of DC Comics. Especially since his costume reminds the one worn by Henry Cavillenough to excite fans of Zack Snyder.

For now, Supergirl comes out in 2024. But everyone is holding their breath while they wait future announcements from Warner Discovery.

Source : Collider

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