Supermassive Games looks to the future and plans the games for the next 5/6 years

Pete SamuelsManaging Director of Supermassive Games, was interviewed by and on this occasion he talked about the company’s plans for the next few years, among other things.

Supermassive Games is now owned by Nordisk Games, the studio did not seek an acquisition at all costs but the studio realized that wanting to aim even higher and in this sense, the acquisition will prove to be fundamental to be able to enjoy greater budgets and in general all the tools necessary to conquer an even wider audience.

Supermassive Games released two games in 2022 (The Quarry and The Devil in Methe last episode of the first season of The Dark Pictures Anthology, due out in the coming months), a situation that therefore sees the studio particularly launched towards new horizons. By the end of the year we will discover the Supermassive games coming out in 2023the strategy is to continue with exactly the same modus operandi, the team will expand from 300 to 400 people within the next twelve months and the publications for the next five / six years are already planned.

It won’t necessarily be horror games, even if Supermassive wants to continue to tell stories with a dark atmosphere, in any case it looks with interest at diversification and cross-media, going beyond platforms, media and single genres. Furthermore, in the coming months we will discover the future of The Dark Pictures Anthology, Season 1 as mentioned will end with the arrival of The Devil in Me but there are already plans for the near future.

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