Supermodel boycotted after Palestinian support

Last week it became known that Bella Hadid (25) is the new face of the luxurious crystal company Swarovski.

“Extremely proud and excited to be the new face of iconic Swarowski,” Hadid wrote about the news.

But the collaboration has not excited everyone.

Refuses to advertise with Hadid

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Israeli department has reacted by condemning the appointment of Hadid.

“Crystalino Group, the importer and owner of Swarovski stores in Israel, wants to make it clear that we are completely opposed to the appointment of Bella Hadid as the front figure of the brand,” the statement said. Jerusalem Post.

The newspaper further writes that the company reports that they will not allow Hadid to be used to advertise the brand in Israel, and that they are working hard to get her replaced.

The model, who has a father who is from Palestine, has actively used his platform on Instagram to show support for Palestinians.

In May last year, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict flared up when Hamas fired rockets at Jerusalem, and on the same day the attack was retaliated against by Israel.

During the same period, Hadid wrote the following in one posts:

“I have been told that my father does not have a place of birth if he is from Palestine. I’m here to stay. “Palestine is very real and the Palestinian people are here to stay and coexist.”

Has been accused of anti-Semitism

Both Bella and Gigi Hadid’s statements about the conflict have led to them being repeatedly accused of engaging in anti-Semitism. The sisters have a total of over 126 million followers on Instagram alone.

SISTERS: Gigi (27) and Bella Hadid (25).  Photo: Andy Kropa / AP

SISTERS: Gigi (27) and Bella Hadid (25). Photo: Andy Kropa / AP

Bella was particularly stormed after she shared a photo on Instagram stating that Israel was not a country and was inhabited by colonists, according to Independent. Hadid later deleted the post and made a statement on Instagram.

There she shared a video of Bernie Sanders who said that “it is not anti-Semitic to be critical of a right-wing government in Israel”, and even added in the caption:

– Dot. I want to make this very clear. Hatred from both sides is not okay – I do not accept it! I will not tolerate hearing people talk bad about Jews. This is about MAN not about religion! This is about freedom in Palestine, Hadid wrote.

Already in 2018, Gigi went out on Twitter and wrote that for her this is not about religion, or one side against the other, but about greed, and added the hashtag #friPlaestina #friGaza and #sameksistere

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