Surco schoolchildren collect reusable material to take care of the planet

With the purpose of helping in the care of the planet and giving inorganic waste a new opportunity, the Municipality of Surco threw the School Recycling 2022 and so far more than seven tons of reusable material have been collected, including plastics, cardboard, cans, glass and paper.

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Students from 14 schools in the district have participated in this good initiative. One of them, which was registered in August, is the Special Basic Education Center (CEBE). Here children with special abilities, guided by their teachers, are learning to recycle.

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“When the school has several kilos of recyclable material, we go to collect it. The nice thing is that the boys have fun. We learned that in another school the teachers promised to bring pizzas to their students if they managed to exceed the ton of recycling”counted Giuliana Motta, environmental promoter of Surco.


♦This recycling will end at the end of this month and the winners will be announced on October 3rd.

♦The prizes are: a projector and an ecram (1st place), a metal bottle for collecting bottles (2nd place) and ecological benches (3rd place).


Batman’s batcave is in Lima! Visit it and live the experience

The creator of this exhibition is Víctor Felipe Sandoval. The ‘Legacy of the bat’ is in the Mall del Sur in San Juan de Miraflores and opens from noon to 10 at night. Admission is free.

They exhibit life-size sculptures, collectible pieces and more from the ‘dark knight’. Photos: Alan Ramirez / Trome.

Recently opened the ‘Legacy of the Bat’, an interactive exhibit showcasing all things Batman and Gotham City. You will be able to see life-size sculptures, collectible pieces, the Joker’s batcomputer and prison, among other novelties. Its creator is Victor Felipe Sandoval (53), who from a very young age is a fan of this comic character.

“I was dazzled by Batman ever since my father sat me on his lap and together we watched the Adam West series (an actor recognized for his portrayal of Batman in the 1960s). At that time he was 8 or 9 years old. That’s where it all started. The ‘Legacy of the bat’ is a tribute to my father for instilling that taste in me and to my favorite character: Batman”Philip said that He is also director of Batman Fans Peru Club.

Initially, this ‘Dark Knight’ fan did not have the idea of ​​making an exhibition with all his collectibles, but once he visited Plaza Norte and saw the Star Wars museum and thought: ‘It would be nice if there was one of Batman ‘. He saw it at that time as a dream and now it is a reality.

The ‘Legacy of the bat’ is in the Mall del Sur in San Juan de Miraflores and opens from noon to 10 at night. Admission is free.


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