Surprise ! The Star Academy is moving for the final…

Léa, Enola, Louis and Anisha will be entitled to a final surprise, a few days before the grand finale of star Academywhich will take place on Saturday November 26 at 10 p.m. live on TF1.

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It’s already time for the final for the Star Academy 2022 ! After six short weeks, the cult tele-hook of TF1 is preparing this Saturday, November 26 to close its doors. But don’t worry, the show will be back in 2023 and this, without surprise in the face of its very good audiences. In the meantime, Nikos Aliagas – recovered from his injury – is preparing to crown one of the four finalists (Louis, Enola, Léa or Anisha). All have also received a sublime surprise from several renowned artists of the French music scene, namely a new title for each of them… Song that the winner of the final evaluations will perform during the final!

Star Academy 2022 : a new XXL field for the final!

To become in turn big names in French song is the stated objective of the final quartet who will have to surpass themselves to win. With an extra dose of stress. Many tele-hook viewers are probably unaware of this, but last Saturday, it was the last time that the students performed on the set of the prime de la star AcademyYes, as TF1 and the production had announced during the press conference, before the launch of the season, the final will take place in a much larger studio to give the illusion of a concert atmosphere and to mark “the transition between the show and the career that follows“.

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Change of schedule for the final of the star Academy

For the anecdote, the premium of the star Academy had until then taken place in the L5 studio of Lendit (93) just next to that of… The Voice ! For the finale, head to studio 217 in Plaine Saint-Denis, recently occupied by Dance with the stars. Several thousand people will be able to attend this final show against 800 so far. Finally, as you know, the Football World Cup has an impact on the broadcasting of certain programs on TF1. The star Academy will not be spared since Saturday, the final will start at 10:00 p.m. and not 9:10 p.m.still live on TF1. Expected end: 12:30 a.m.! Much to the dismay of many viewers…

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