Surprising movie stunt – Tom Cruise apologized to us

Surprising movie stunt while walking |

Tom Cruise apologized to us

An encounter of a special kind!

Unsuspectingly, the couple Sarah and Jason Haygarth hiked their dog through the Lake District National Park in north-west England – and suddenly met a Hollywood actor there: Tom Cruise (60)!

The action star filmed a stunt for Mission: Impossible 7 on High Crag.

Tom Cruise completed a paragliding jump for Mission: Impossible 7

Photo: action press

And that wasn’t even the strangest part of the encounter: what Cruise said to the hikers left them baffled.

Jason Haygarth to BILD: “It took a few moments for Sarah and I to understand who we were dealing with. The whole thing was kind of like a dream. Cruise said to us, ‘Sorry to bother you up here.’”

Here the daredevil Hollywood star flies in his glider

Here the daredevil Hollywood star flies in his glider

Photo: action press

Cruise had flown in by helicopter – and then did a paragliding stunt from the top of the mountain. Haygarth continued, “My wife asked, a bit stunned, ‘Are you really going to jump down there?’ Cruise replies, ‘Yeah, sure. See you later.’” And ran towards the abyss.

The stunned couple stayed behind – and became well known in their home town by reporting on this lightning meeting. “Cruise was super friendly, I thought he was arrogant,” says Haygarth.

The Brit continues: “We will never forget this encounter and everyone in the village talks about it and wants to know how Tom is.”

A quick chat before jumping into the abyss – when Cruise shows up, even hiking becomes an adventure!

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