Survey: Germany’s DAX companies are so training-friendly / educational leave for everyone?

25.11.2021 – 08:25

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27 million employees in Germany are entitled to five days of extra leave every year for their own further education – from yoga, language trips to burnout prevention. This law is called “Bildungsurlaub” – but only just under two percent of employees take it up. Many because they don’t even know what their rights are. But many also out of fear of rejection by the employer. Right? Current survey results show that the DAX corporations are very open to further training.

14 DAX companies took part in the survey: Allianz, Continental, covestro, German Stock Exchange, Deutsche Telekom, HeidelbergCement, Infineon, Merck, RWE, Sartorius, Siemens Energy, Symrise, Volkswagen and Vonovia.

The companies were surveyed by the startup, which founded the first nationwide booking and information platform for statutory educational leave. The aim was to find out what role educational leave plays in the respective personnel policy.

Most of the 26 DAX companies that did not take part in the survey actively canceled. One possible conclusion from this is that the promotion of educational leave is not of interest here. “Indeed, the survey clearly shows that there is a gap in further training between the companies – a usage rate of up to 60 percent Volkswagen often there is no active promotion of educational leave, “says Lara Körber, co-founder of

The survey results: DAX companies in Germany are so training-friendly

  • 86 percent of the companies state that they actively inform their employees about their right to educational leave – mostly via the company’s intranet. Furthermore, 57 percent even actively encourage taking educational leave – for example in feedback discussions or through the works council.
  • 64 percent have a positive view of educational leave seminars, which primarily serve to promote health and have no direct context with the job. For the fragrance and flavor manufacturer Symrise even include health education leave “[…] as an integral part of our corporate health management. “And also the pharmaceutical and chemical company Merck is positive about these: “We support educational leave for health promotion as well as educational leave for professional development. The mental and physical health of our employees is very important to us. […]”.
  • At the automobile manufacturer Volkswagen 51 – 60 percent of the workforce have taken educational leave at least once while they were with the company: “These training courses enrich and promote the employees, increase job satisfaction and increase the qualifications of the participants.” In other DAX companies, the rate of use of educational leave is much lower (0-10 percent German Stock Exchange and Vonovia) – but for the most part no data are available on the educational leave activity of their own employees.
  • For 43 percent, educational leave is a tool for long-term employee loyalty. The automotive supplier Continental understands educational leave here as a further training opportunity parallel to in-house selection: “[…] We don’t just concentrate on one offer, but offer our employees many opportunities and appropriate time. This allows you to flexibly choose the options that suit you. ”
  • 50 percent of the companies surveyed enable their employees to take this leave even in federal states without legal regulations for educational leave (Saxony and Bavaria).

Fear of the employer is unfounded – but there is still a long way to go

“You can see that companies are increasingly understanding health and personal training via educational leave as a long-term professional investment in their own company,” says Lara Körber. And not without reason: Back pain and mental illnesses such as burnout 2020 were responsible for over 30 percent of the days of incapacity for work of all DAK insured persons. A case of mental illness lasted an average of 39 days – longer than ever before. “Taking care of your own health is therefore highly professional and a win-win situation for employees and employers,” said Körber.

Despite the trend towards further training friendliness of many DAX companies, the added value and the support value of educational leave can be internalized by many companies. Körber: “Educational leave is not the stepchild of further training opportunities – educational leave is a legal tool for a healthy work culture and for work that is worth living.”

And also for productive work. The DAX group Merck puts it this way: “We are convinced that the further development of our employees is the key to achieving our business goals and to our success as a company. Along with many other offers, this also includes the possibility of educational leave Everyday work and life allow employees to concentrate fully on their own development. This has positive effects for the employee and also for us as a company, as it opens up new perspectives and creates positive approaches. ”

Unfortunately, not all corporations see it that way (yet). Nevertheless: Overall, employees should increasingly dare to submit educational leave – it is rated positively by most employers. Either way, it definitely remains a right that one deserves.

What is Bildungsurlaub? Educational opportunity in deep sleep

Educational leave hides the legal entitlement to five to ten days of annual leave on top for seminars recognized as educational leave. These can take place worldwide, are freely selectable and no direct reference to the job is required – time for: yoga, back strengthening, mindfulness training, language courses, management training or a study trip. Employees pay the course fee for educational leave and have to be released from work for the period of their further training.

Via is the first for Bildungsurlaub. The aim is to simplify access to educational leave – for this, interested parties can find seminars and help with the application process, which the startup has completely automated, on the site.

The survey results in detail

All information and statements of the individual DAX companies can be found here.

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