Suspect hangs himself in detention cell

The man hanged himself in a holding cell.

After being arrested for a burglary and confessing to it, a 63-year-old man from Bregenz hanged himself in the detention cell.

After several business burglaries in the Vorarlberg Unterland, the police carried out targeted surveillance measures in the course of which a 63-year-old known man from Bregenz was arrested in the early hours of Monday morning immediately after committing a burglary in Lauterach. A safe stolen from the store was found in the suspect’s vehicle. As a result, the man confessed during the interrogations that he had committed the crime in Lauterach. He was provisionally held in detention by the State Police Headquarters for further clarification of the facts.

ordered autopsy

On Tuesday night, around 4:00 a.m., it was determined during a routine check that the 63-year-old man had hanged himself in his cell wearing his sweatpants. Despite immediately initiated first aid measures, the called emergency doctor could only determine the death of the man. No indications of third-party debt could be found. The public prosecutor’s office in Feldkirch ordered the forensic autopsy of the body.

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