Suspected of attempted murder at a mining hole in Norberg is being detained

On Friday 22 April, a woman was found in a mining hole in Långgruvan outside Norberg. Three days later, a man in his 40s was arrested on suspicion of rape and attempted murder of the woman. He has now been remanded in custody by Västmanland District Court.

“The district court decided that the suspect should remain in custody for another four weeks. He is still suspected of attempted murder and rape for probable cause. Otherwise, I do not want to comment on the investigation “, writes prosecutor Ann-Sofie Trossing in an email to SVT.

The woman was seriously injured and severely chilled when the rescue service finally succeeded winch her up from the 25 meter deep mining hole.

According to information to SVT, the suspected perpetrator is said to have wanted to marry his girlfriend, but was denied. He is then suspected of having raped and pushed her into the hole.

New find that may belong to the woman

On Friday, the police went again to Långgruvan in Norberg after a passer-by found an object near the mine hole. The find is a personal belonging that the police suspect may belong to the woman who was found in the mine hole over two weeks ago.

– In part, it is in the near future that you find this personal affiliation, but it was also located in a place close to this mine. At present, it is not possible to say whether there is any connection, says Johan Thalberg, press spokesperson for the police in the Central region.

The police have secured the find and will now investigate the object. Johan Thalberg can not go into more detail on what the object is for something but refers to secrecy in the preliminary investigation.

Admitted the murder of his ex-wife

According to information to SVT, the detained man must have admitted the murder of his ex-wife before he is suspected of raping and pushing another woman into a mining hole in Norberg over two weeks ago.

The police have resumed the search for a woman who was reported missing on the last day of January 2020. According to documents that SVT has read, the ex-wife was registered at an address in Surahammar after she lived in Norberg. It is the same municipality that the police are now based on in the application.

The man denies the crime.

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In the video, you get a summary of the course of events – in 60 seconds. Photo: The Swedish Maritime Administration

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