Suspected of the murder in Ekholmen released: “The suspicions remain”

Linköping was hit hard by the gun violence last year and at the beginning of 2022. A conflict between several gangs in the city resulted in a total of six murders. The murder in Ekholmen is the sixth in a row and occurred at the end of January earlier this year. In April, a 25-year-old was arrested man, written in Gävle, by Linköping District Court on probable cause suspected of aiding and abetting murder.

At the end of last week, the arrest against the man was lifted. The prosecutor in charge has not been reached, but the chief prosecutor says that the decision was probably made based on the state of the evidence.

“No longer proportionate”

– Normally, an arrest is usually lifted when it is no longer proportionate based on the state of evidence you have, says Eva Nemec Nordh, who is the chief prosecutor in Linköping.

According to her, however, the man is still a suspect.

– The suspicions remain and it is not closed. The investigation continues, says Eva Nemec Nordh.

The 25-year-old man is the only one arrested on suspicion of involvement in any of the murders that have affected Linköping since May last year.

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Police: “These are complex crimes that require large resources” Photo: SVT

Investigator John Andåker recently visited SVT Nyheter Öst’s studio to provide an update on the murder investigations. See more in the clip below:

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