Suspicion of forgery of documents – termination without notice: Remmo-Clan has to move out of the Berlin villa

The Berlin clan family Remmo has to move out of their villa in the Alt-Buckow district. The Neukölln district has terminated the lease with the extended family. The family is said to have forged documents in order to use a neighboring garden.

The district office of Berlin-Neukölln has put its most famous tenants in front of the door. The Remmo family of Arab origin, known throughout Berlin for their involvement in the clan milieu, has to move out of their villa. The termination took place without notice. Due to the tense housing situation, however, a deferment will be granted until October.

reason for the termination is the suspicion of fraud and forgery, as District Mayor Martin Hikel (SPD) confirmed to the “Tagesspiegel”. The district has been the owner of the chic yellow villa in the Alt-Buckow district since 2020. Previously it belonged to the son of the extended family who had rented the house to his mother. Mayor Hikel accuses the family of having presented “a fake rental agreement”.

Neukölln takes action against the Remmo clan

In July, construction workers drew a fence around the villa under police protection to separate the property from the neighboring garden property. This is used regularly by the Remmo family, but has also been owned by the district since 2020. With the forged contract, the family wanted the district office to prove “a legal position that does not actually exist” on the garden property, such as the “Daily mirror“Writes. However, the rental agreement with the Remmos only allows the use of the villa.

The power of the clans (ad)

Large Arab families and their criminal empires

A son of the family announced on Instagram that they would use “every legal remedy” against the decision. He accused Hikel of campaigning for the eviction. The Berlin Court of Appeal dismissed a complaint from the family in 2020. The confiscation by the district was legal.

Berlin job center pays rent for the villa

Three years ago, 77 properties from the vicinity of the extended family were confiscated. There is a suspicion that these were financed by money from raids. Members of the Remmo family are said to have been involved in the theft of a giant gold coin from the Bodemuseum, which made headlines around the world. However, it is to be expected that the evacuation will not take place on time. The job center is currently paying the rent for the villa, as some residents are entitled to social benefits.

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