Susy Díaz refuses to open Onlyfans: “I don’t want to scam, it would be the ‘charquifans'”

The controversial and dear susy diaz In an interview on the YouTube channel “And now what?”, hosted by journalists Manuel Paz Soldán and Christian Bayron, he explained the reasons why he would not dare to venture into OnlyFans.

Susy, have you thought about making your OnlyFans”, Bayron asked the former congresswoman. To which Susy responded emphatically: “No, if I was like 20, a perfect body, yes. Thank God I have my surgeon who stretches me”.

“Daysi Araujo already has”, commented one of the interviewers. However, Flor Polo’s mother assured that Araujo “she has a wonderful body, she goes to the gym. I don’t want to cheat.”

“Not really, I don’t want to scam people. It would be the ‘charquifans’”, Susy Díaz sincerely stated, generating laughter in the drivers of “And now what?”.

At another time, Susy Díaz explained that she would not feel comfortable showing her body. “I have cellulite up to my ankles, my body is not there to show it”, pointed out.

On the other hand, Susy was encouraged to leave a diet for her daughter Florcita Polo, who is single after signing her divorce with Néstor Villanueva.

“What diet would you give your daughter now that she is single?” consulted the popular ‘Chino’. And Susy replied: “The diet of the alfajor, to do everything with love”

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