Susy Díaz reveals that she is dating a 30-year-old man: “I am ashamed to introduce him to my daughter” | VIDEO

Businesswoman and former Congressman Susan Diaz revealed, to the surprise of locals and strangers, that she had already found love in a young man 27 years younger than her. Although she pointed out that she is still in doubt about continuing the relationship, she revealed that he lives very close to her house.

These statements were given in the program “America today” where she came as a guest to talk about the topic “The third party is left over”, where the guest psychologist spoke about the fact that parents should wait a reasonable time to introduce their son to his new partner .

Now I am embarrassed to introduce my new partner to Flor. I’m dating a guy, but he still doesn’t pass the exam. I tell him to sleep on the second floor and he asks me why, I answer that it is because my daughter is sleeping on the first floor.”, he told to the surprise of the hosts of the America TV magazine.

He is 30 years old… I see it as a hobby. Now he calls me and calls me and I don’t want to see him anymore… He’s jealous, he thinks I have others on the first floor (man)… He hasn’t passed the exam. I think he is very young, I have known him for eight years. The other time I told him: ‘Don’t come because Magaly’s (Medina) cameras are at the door’”, he added.

The former congresswoman said that she has already met the father of her ‘outgoing’, but assured that it is not even useful for her hobby because is “Looking for someone to grow old together, who goes at the same pace as me and who is the same age as me”.

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