Sweden’s largest scouting camp – Jamboree – ends today

Jamboree is a meeting place for scouts. This week the scouts have met new friends from all over the world and learned more about a sustainable world.

Scouts from all over the world

In addition to the 400 scout associations from Sweden who were at the camp, 360 scouts from Ukraine, France and Austria also participated.

Magnus Arnell is the leader of the Landeryd scout corps in southern Linköping. He and 47 scouts from Östergötland have been at the camp. Magnus explains what it means for the corps that has been on site during the week.

– A camp of this size offers scouting in a completely different way and scale than we can do at home locally in the corps. Bigger and fiercer but also more about sustainability, democracy and social responsibility, he says.

Different scouting traditions

Lina Räf is one of the scouts from Östergötland and she tells what has been the most fun during the week.

– Being able to meet scouts from different corps, and different countries. Being able to talk to them and see differences between different countries’ scouting traditions, says Lina Räf.

Several activities have been held during the week. Scouter Klara Arnlind tells us that cutting tomatoes is something new that she has learned during the week. Photo: Linnea Wedelin

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