Swedish Transport Administration: Avoid stress in midsummer traffic

Even though the midsummer weekend has traditionally been an accident, the trend is still positive.

– In recent years, we are at five, six fatal accidents per year, says Bengt Olsson, press manager at the Swedish Transport Administration.

The number of deaths in midsummer traffic has decreased slightly since the peak years in the early 2000s. Photo: SVT

And thanks to the covid restrictions of recent years, there have been fewer vehicles on the roads than during normal midsummer weekends.

Something that is likely to change this year when many traditional midsummer celebrations have returned, which can contribute to increased congestion and accident risk on the country’s roads.

– We will have a number of roads with plenty of traffic on. The entire E6, for example, says Bengt Olsson.

He warns above all of congestion on the stretch between Malmö and Strömstad and specifically exits to smaller roads that lead to places where many will celebrate Midsummer.

Dalarna back on track

The E22 from Norrköping to Ölandsbron also stands out.

– The same with E20 and E18 along Lake Mälaren, not least on Midsummer’s Eve.

The queues from the metropolitan regions are expected to be at their worst between 11 and 18 on Thursday and between 11 and 15 on Midsummer’s Eve.

The roads north towards Dalarna and the Siljan area will also be well filled.

– Here, the midsummer tradition is strong and we see indications that it will be big this year. Especially on the smaller roads in Dalarna, there can be plenty of vehicles.

Be sure to be rested

According to Bengt Olsson, there are a number of things to think about before embarking on midsummer traffic this year.

– That this particular weekend has been an extra accident, I think is largely about stress. Many people work on the finish line and then you throw yourself into the car and drive away instead of taking it easy and letting the trip be part of the midsummer celebration.

Bengt Olsson also believes that a risk factor is about how you feel after the celebration.

– It not only has to do with looking deep into a bottle, but it can also be about sleeping badly.

Anything else you can do to reduce the risk of accidents?

Above all, you should keep both the speed limit and the distance. Sure, we have more meeting-free roads this year than before and more speed cameras, but it does not matter if people do not make good decisions behind the wheel.

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