Swift as a cat

Zell an der Mosel prides itself on being the home of an excellent wine. On its official website, the small Palatinate town calls itself “the wine town of the Zell Black Cat”. From now on, Zell can boast that an absolute world-class athlete comes from the city. And he’s at least as quick as a cat – on the ice. Because that’s where Moritz Seider’s strengths lie. Now the 21-year-old native of Zeller has been named the best newcomer of the season by the National Hockey League (NHL) and received the Calder Trophy. This is an honor that no German ice hockey professional has ever received before him.

The award for Seider, who has been with the Detroit Red Wings for one season, is no coincidence: his skills have made him the best defender in the national team for years. His understanding of the game, his shot, his physical effort, his speed – all absolutely world class. Interestingly enough, he learned how to play ice hockey at ESC Erfurt before moving to Mannheim at a young age.

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Away from the ice, Seider seems rather reserved and still youthful, but he will definitely improve there as well. It’s not out of the question that he will go as far as Cologne’s Leon Draisaitl, who was already the NHL’s Player of the Year – although that honor tends to go to forwards. All in all, German ice hockey is indisputably better than ever, which should change little about the status of the sport in the home country of Seider and Draisaitl. The German superstars simply play too far away in North America for that.

However, such an award for Moritz Seider is amazing and gratifying for ice hockey. A German player Rookie of the Year in the NHL? It was actually unthinkable for all time. Moritz Seider deserves a big congratulations.

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