Swimmer Anita Álvarez had already fainted in competition

Mexico City.- It’s been twice now that the swimmer Anita Álvarez faints during a competition and is rescued by her coach Andrea Fuentes.

The undine from the United States gave a scare this Wednesday when at the end of her routine in the World Swimming Championships she lost consciousness and began to sink into the water, forcing Fuentes to throw herself dressed into the pool to get her out.

This harsh scene had already occurred during the 2020 Tokyo Pre-Olympic Games (played in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic) that took place last year in Barcelona.

On that occasion, Álvarez performed a routine with his partner Lindi Schroeder when he vanished, so Fuentes did not hesitate to jump into the pool to rescue his pupil.

The swimmer regained consciousness shortly after being pulled out of the pool. On that occasion it was argued that the heavy workload was the reason for fainting.

For this second time, the scare was greater since Álvarez was not breathing when she was brought to the surface, although after being treated by the paramedics the air returned to her body.

According to reports, the swimmer is out of danger and it will be decided if she returns to competition at the World Cup in Budapest.

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