Swimmer faints in the middle of the World Cup in Budapest; trainer Andrea Fuentes rescues her

The most dramatic moment Swimming World Cupheld in Budapest, lived it Anita AlvarezAmerican swimmer who was the victim of a Fainting during his exercise, in the final of the artistic swimming free solo.

It happened in the pool Margarita Island, where Álvarez was about to finish his performance, however, he lost consciousness and ended up at the bottom of the Olympic pool. Right away, his coach, the Spanish Andrea Fuentes entered the water to rescue her.

When medical assistance arrived, they managed to get the swimmer out and she was treated by the health team, later confirming that Álvarez was in good condition and out of danger.

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$!The swimmer was taken on a stretcher outside the enclosure to be treated.

The swimmer was taken on a stretcher outside the enclosure to be treated.

“Doctors insist that everything is fine […] Athletes push their bodies to the limit, today they discovered where their limit is”, he stressed.

However, the coach recalled that It is not the first time where Anita stars in an incident in the pools; last year he also suffered from a fainting spell in the qualifying tests.

“On another occasion I also had to help her, but it was not so serious. He hasn’t breathed for two minutes today. When a swimmer finishes the first thing he does is breathe, sank and no one reactedso I jumped,” Fuentes explained to a Spanish medium.

“You have to rest. Tomorrow he will rest all day and he will be very well for the team final”, he concluded.

Experts and users in social networks observed that the intervention of Fuentes was key to avoiding a tragic outcome.

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The trainer who saved Álvarez’s life participated in three summer olympics between 2004 and 2012, obtaining four medals, two silvers in Beijing 2008 and silver and bronze in London 2012. In addition, he won sixteen medals in el World Swimming Championships between 2003 and 2011, and sixteen medals in the European Swimming Championships between the years 2002 and 2012.

She is the most decorated swimmer in the history of the Spanish national team.

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