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Baden-Baden (ots)

The police forces Rebecca (Tatiana Nekrasov) and André (Jakob Guhring) go on “patrol” together / from August 6th in the ARD Audiothek, at the August 7, 6:20 p.m in SWR2

Character study in the Baden-Württemberg police milieu: A veteran cop and a newbie join forces on theseemingly trivial mission Clean city sent. At the end this Shift is the officer howeverdead and her Colleague is left traumatized. With the help of a therapist, he tries to reconstruct what happened. The SWR radio drama can be heard on Sunday, August 7, 2022 at 6:20 p.m. on SWR2. From August 6, 2022, the play will be in the for a year ARD audio library and is available for free download.

Routine use with a fatal outcome

Two police officers from the Böblingen squad are on patrol together for the first time: Rebecca, a young but already experienced officer who is looking for her identity through changing career steps and affairs, and André, who is still at the beginning of his career but already in the middle of it planning his family life. Streife” is a psychological character study with crime thriller elements that tells of the loneliness of a woman and a man in their profession. The author duo Stein/Nekrasov sets different perspectives, which, however, increasingly lose their focus over the course of the play: the image of people emerges at work who, with their fears and longings, get caught up in the wheels of power structures and fateful coincidences.

Tatiana Nekrasov and Jakob Guhring in the leading roles

Veteran actress and co-author of “The Patrol” Tatiana Nekrasov takes on the role of Rebecca. Jakob Guhring can be heard as André´. Silke Bodenbender, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Thorsten Merten and Thomas Arnold slip into other leading roles. The book was written by Niki Stein and Tatiana Nekrasov. Niki Stein directed “Streife”. The music is by Jackie Engelken.

“Streife” on SWR radio

Sunday, August 7, 2022, 6:20 p.m., SWR2 radio play

“Streife” as a podcast and download

Audio on SWR.de/swr2/hoerspiel

Podcast from August 6, 2022 for one year free to download in the ARD Audiothek.

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