Table: Chile yields home points after fall with Brazil

The Chilean Selection fell by the minimum count against Brazil at the Monumental Stadium. An encounter that, despite the result, It was not clear where for the Brazilian team to win this match and in an opportunity that they were created, they managed to stay with the victory.

Important points that Chile lets out with this tough defeat, but that despite everything, will have its revenge this weekend as a visitor at the height of Quito against the Ecuadorian National Team.

The only achievement of this commitment came from Éverton Ribeiro, which entered the three units and the undefeated Brazilian team, who in seven games only knows of victory in this part of the Qualifiers.

With the result, the national team remained in the seventh position of the Qualifiers to Qatar 2022 with six points, while Brazil adds the perfect campaign with 21 points in seven games played.

The Chilean National Team will have to quickly turn the page, due to the fact that this Sunday they will have to go to Quito to face Ecuador starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Rodrigo Paz Delgado Stadium.

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Yes, but an experienced one

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