Table: Colo Colo wins and is SUPER LEADER of the championship!

Colo Colo and Everton from Viña del Mar met for Date 21 of the 2021 National Championship. The Cacique went to La Ruca with the mission of being the super leader of the Chilean tournament and separating himself from his main pursuer.

A first half where the referee was the main protagonist, canceling two legitimate goals against Colo Colo and also ratifying a penalty NO to a grab that Pibe Solari received in the rule area.

In the second half, the game continued in a difficult way for Gustavo Quinteros’ leaders, however the task was carried out with a beautiful goal from Maximiliano Falcón, who connected a beautiful center from Leonardo Gil.

But Colorado did not want to be left out of the party and minutes after the 1-0 score a real goal, leaving the Evertonian goal without an option. With this, everything is beautiful for the Cacique.

Colo Colo vs Everton for Date 21

This colocolino triumph that leaves us as super leaders of the 2021 National Championship on Date 21 with five points away from our main pursuer, which is the Catholic University. Check the table here:

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