tagesthemen: Caren Miosga replaces Ulrich Wickert as the longest-serving presenter

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Surprising reunion with Ulrich Wickert in the daily topics. On Tuesday, September 20th, the former moderator stood in front of the camera again to announce the news that Caren Miosga has now been presenting the daily topics in the first longer than he has. Wickert led the show for 15 years and two months. This week, Caren Miosga broke that record. She is now the longest-serving daily news presenter.

ARD program director Christine Strobl and ARD editor-in-chief Oliver Köhr: “Caren Miosga has been helping an audience of millions for more than 15 years to classify the most important things of the day. We thank her very much for that. Her style is unmistakable: competent, understandable and clear, highly professional, but always with empathy and a special charm. Caren Miosga has long since become ‘Mrs. tagesthemen’. We look forward to many more years with her.”

On July 16, 2007, Caren Miosga replaced her predecessor Anne Will in the daily topics. Since then she has been the face and voice of the ARD news magazine. Miosga drew special attention to the daily topics with a reportage trip through Ukraine and a live broadcast from Kyiv on August 24th.

Marcus Bornheim, First Editor-in-Chief of ARD-Aktuell: “She is gripping, but never unfair. Tough on the matter, but still charming. Quick-witted in her interviews and as a presenter she takes the audience by the hand to guide them through the news day. Caren Miosga manages with her way, the to make daily topics better every day.”

Caren Miosga will continue to present the ARD news magazine, her contract was recently extended by three years to 2025. She moderates the daily topics alternately with Ingo Zamperoni. Aline Abboud represents the two main presenters.

The clip with Ulrich Wickert and Caren Miosga can be seen on the social media channels of the tageschau and also on television on Tuesday, September 20 from 10:15 p.m. in the tagesthemen in the first.

The daily topics stand for in-depth information and background information. In 35 minutes they deliver classified reports on political and social events in Germany and around the world as well as reports from the regions of the country in the cross-media category “in the middle”.

The daily topics are produced by the ARD joint editorial team ARD-aktuell in Hamburg. The news programs tagesschau and nachtmagazin, the news channel tagesschau24, the online service tagesschau.de and the social media channels of tagesschau are also created there.

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