Taiwan and the Mayan Train

Taiwan and the Mayan Train can sound very far away or even very different. However, the world is hectic enough that today they are not.

The island and the train are part of the national security of nations as different as the United States, Mexico and China, and this tells us about the perspective of each one and what currently defines them.

Mexico is a country that has not been able to go beyond its first geopolitical imperative after the loss of the territory after 1848. It has not been able to put an end to its internal problems and unfortunately for this reason, many times it cannot see beyond its nose. Hence the fact that our national security has such a short range and is sent to justify political projects.

Because we have not been able to consolidate a national project and hence every six years the course is changed with each project.

or political. That is the reality that governs the new categorization of the Mayan Train and also the polarization that defines us with a view to 2024. Reflecting from the micro to the macro, and this leads us to what is happening in Taiwan.

What need did the United States have to send Nancy Pelosi to add fuel to the fire when the war in Ukraine has the world on edge? It seems to me totally unnecessary and electorally motivated.

The mid-term elections are just around the corner and according to the latest data presented by the Gallup polling house, 54% of Americans see China as the enemy and Biden has sworn over and over again that the Asian giant will not he will be a world power while he is president.

The bad thing is that time is running out, he has two years left, and his wishes will not be able to stop a continental China that has decided to consolidate itself and leave behind the humiliation that being a country with two systems has represented. They want total unity, and this also has an electoral background. Within what fits.

Xi Jinping will be “re-crowned” when the XX Congress of the Communist Party ends in the fall of this year and this may motivate him to give a strong blow that fulfills the dreams of “one China”, which they yearn for so much and which they have also fiance.

In fact, the hand could already be moving to hit the table. Because after the visit of the US legislator Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, the reprisals have not been long in coming and have already blocked the import of citrus fruits and fish from the island. In addition to carrying out military exercises with very close missiles that began this morning, and some even landed near Japan.

The message is clear and it is also mixed with the drums that resonate to the sound of democracy or dictatorship that are keeping the rhythm of the world at this moment. Divided into the bars of political projects that have managed to relativize its meaning, because even China maintains that it is a democracy with its own characteristics, and the 4T tries to sow in the discourse that before them there was no democracy.

Hence, Taiwan and the Mayan Train are not so different today for national security.

Last one out, turn off the light.


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