Taiwan: magnitude 6 earthquake in the east of the country

A new magnitude 6 earthquake hit eastern Taiwan on Monday, the US Seismological Institute said. The UGSC has rated this event as “green.”

An earthquake of magnitude 6 occurred on Monday in eastern Taiwan, in Hualien County, announced the American Seismological Institute (USGS). No damage or casualties have been reported so far.

The USGS said the earthquake struck at a depth of 10 kilometers at 9:05 a.m. and was felt across the island, according to local media. Subway traffic in the capital Taipei was briefly interrupted.

Regularly hit by earthquakes

A tremor of less intensity was recorded about half an hour later, according to the Taiwan Meteorological Service.

Taiwan and its surroundings are regularly hit by earthquakes due to their location near the junction between two tectonic plates.

Earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater can cause casualties, depending on where they occur and how deep they are. The UGSC has rated this event as “green”, believing that there is little risk of it causing injuries or damage.

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