Taiwan: Pelosi’s Taiwan trip has an aftermath: China’s military maneuvers

China is reacting to the visit of US top politician Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan with military maneuvers. The fear of an escalation is growing.

While Nancy Pelosi carries out its program of visits to Taiwan, China responds with massive military maneuvers. The United States is preparing for retaliatory measures, even or especially after the departure of the US House of Representatives.

It’s the senior political visit from the USA for 25 years. Today the democrat wants to meet with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen.

Pelosi in Taiwan: Beijing reacts with muscle flexing

Concerns about an escalation are growing in the region. For one thing, the Chinese military are invading Taiwan’s territorial waters. On the other hand, the maneuvering space overlaps with the Japanese economic zone. Government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno said Beijing has its own concern transmitted.

Indicative of the heated mood in the region is that Pelosi’s flight from Malaysia to Taiwan was assigned to the flight surveillance service Flightradar24 record has: More than 708,000 people watched the landing in real time, more than any other flight before, said the Swedish Internet service. 2.92 million people watched at least part of the seven-hour flight.

Pelosi in Taiwan: China warned against visit

The 82-year-old top politician was over Warnings from China overruled, which sees the democratic island as part of the People’s Republic. The Beijing government had warned Pelosi not to play with fire. It was also discussed in Washington whether the 82-year-old was doing the right thing or not fuel to the fire pours.

China recognizes them democratically governed island with 23 million inhabitants does not aim for an independent state – and strives for “reunification”. The Chinese are taking action against any state that wants to develop diplomatic and economic relations with the island republic. And: They probably fear imitators if Pelosi follows through with their travel plans. also read: Taiwan – Why the conflict is becoming increasingly dangerous

The US thinks Beijing’s behavior is exaggerated

The US has pledged military assistance to Taiwan. President Joe Biden recently reiterated the promise. For the Americans, the Chinese are responding overdrawn. When the speaker of the House of Representatives travels to Taiwan, it is not as an official representative of the government, but as an MP. That’s nothing unusual, said National Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

The Chinese see more in Pelosi than just a “simple” deputy: She is number three in the United States by political rank. Officially, America has no diplomatic ties with Taiwan and considers Beijing to be the legitimate representative of China. more on the subject: Taiwan – This is what the conflict between the US and China is about

China has long been concerned with saving face

Pelosi is said to be in Taipei to meet with President Tsai Ingwen and Vice President of Parliament Tsai Chi-chang and members of the Legislative Council. Head of Parliament You Shyi-kun is still after a trip abroad in quarantine.

There is speculation around the world about how the Chinese will react. They are expected to take off military planes and “escort” Pelosi, violate Taiwanese territorial waters, conduct missile tests, or some sort of thing no-fly zone impose. It has long been about save face. The Chinese government has repeatedly emphasized that its warnings are “not empty talk”. (fmg)

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