Take advantage of the best offer of the year for the NordVPN VPN, seoul € 2.8 per month

Although the famous Black Friday 2021 is not celebrated until next November 26, the truth is that there are already many advance offers that we can find in all kinds of products and services. One of the great references in the world of VPN service proofers, NordVPN, has already released its particular Black Friday, offering the possibility of obtaining the popular VPN to a price that you will not believe.

If you’ve been thinking about getting one of these services for a while, there’s no doubt that NordVPN’s VPN is one of the best rated by all users. In addition, now it becomes much more irresistible considering the offer that the company offers for a limited time. Specifically, it offers savings of nothing more and nothing less than 72% off with the simple fact of hiring a two-year plan. This represents an expense of only 2.80 euros per month.

Get the VPN From NordVPN for just € 2.8 a month for 2 years

The promotion consists of offering this incredible discount to all those who contract the NordVPN VPN for a period of two years. This means that we will only have to pay the amount of 67.15 euros plus VAT to use the service for 24 months. Without a doubt, the best offer of the year for this service.

Now, while the offer has been in force since last October 27, we only have until next December 1 to take advantage of this promotion. Specifically, the initial campaign ends on November 29, but just from that moment it is extended with the motivation of Cyber ​​Monday until Wednesday, December 1.

Therefore, if you are interested in enjoying NordVPN’s VPN for the next two years at a price of 2.8 euros per month, you should hurry up and hire it. before the offer ends. From the 1st December of the campaign to the end of our referees and the prix for the two-year plan for the VPN, it will continue to be on offer but at a price of 75.65 euros, which represents a cost of 3.15 euros per month et a discount of 68%. If you even want to lose the offer, click on the following link to contract the service.

Ventajas of using NodVPN’s VPN

Among the main advantages that the use of a service like the NordVPN VPN offers us, there is undoubtedly that of the security and privacy à la heure of surfing the Internet. In this way, we will be able to keep our identity and data safe, since not even the company itself saves our data and they will not be able to carry out any type of tracking on our activity on the network.

Making use of this type of services allows connect to remote servers as if we were in another country, which is also a great advantage when using certain applications or web pages that perform certain blocks by country of origin. An advantage also for video game fans, since thanks to a VPN we can pretend that we are physically in the country where an online video game is hosted and thus avoid the famous problem with latency in these cases.

Regarding NordVPN’s VPN service, it should be noted that it is also a service multiplatform which is compatible with both Windows and macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. Service that offers up to 6,730 Mbps of bandwidth with a real speed of 500 Mbps without any problem and that has more than 5,000 servers around the world to offer the best possible service.

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