Take advantage of your smartphone! Tips for taking photos and videos like a PRO

Have you ever wondered what you need to get the best photos and videos? If you have a keen eye for photography, but still don’t have the desired results,, the fastest growing brand of smartphones and gadgets, brings you some tips for you to become a professional photography.

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It is said that the most important thing to get the best postcard is a camera with several lenses, as these give you many benefits. That is how , in its firm purpose of democratizing technology, launches different models of smartphones with multiple cameras that allow you to capture the best of your trips, family gatherings or, simply, your business.

Today, smartphones like realme end up being very versatile to different scenarios and end up having the best of a professional camera, but from your mobile. Thus, these devices not only have a large sensor with which they improve image quality; Instead, another benefit is the format in which it is saved, which can be RAW / JPEG in the case of photography and MP4 / 4K in videos.

Photo: Realme.

With all this, taking the best photos with your smartphone is not difficult and with these tips from realme, you can take them to another level:

1. Clean your camera lenses

An important step when starting to take photos and videos is cleaning the lenses of our cameras. And it is that, our mobiles are always being manipulated, either at the time of writing or simply keeping it in your pocket. Given this, it is important that before photographing or recording something, we carefully rub a special chamois or a soft cotton polo shirt over each lens. Always remember to take care of them because each one will give you a better photographic experience than the previous one, for example, the realme 7pro, brings a new generation of 64MP quad camera system with Black and white portrait lens; a 64MP main camera; an 8MP ultra wide angle lens and a 4cm focal length macro lens.

2. Use the grid

A good composition is key to achieving a good photo or video. Therefore, smartphones offer us the grid option. A fairly simple tool that serves as a guide to adjust the scene, obtaining more stable postcards. Thus, in any of the realme Smartphone, you must enter the camera option and go to settings, then, you enter the composition option, photos and you can activate the grid, diagonal lines or golden spiral alternatives.

3. Take advantage of the space

A good photo or video will always be better according to the space you have. Thus, you must bear in mind that if you are outside, you should look for the shade, a patio or garden. In the case of being indoors or if you are going to photograph an object, you should always take advantage of natural light. You can use white cardstock or a techno on the opposite side of where the light enters to eliminate shadows. In this scenario, the realme 8 5G shines with its own light. And it is that, this team with triple camera has a 48MP main camera, a B&W portrait lens with f / 2.4 aperture and a 4cm macro lens. In addition, this mobile stands out for its Super Nightscape mode, ideal for capturing the beauty of the night, even in low-light environments.

Photo: realme.
Photo: realme.

4. Take advantage of perspective and reflections

Stop taking boring front photos or videos. Using perspective is an interesting alternative to obtain great results with your Smartphone. This resource provides more dynamism to your project and will make you get the best postcards on your trip or walk. Another great tip to get a great photo is to play with the reflections, this action provides an illusion of repetition, especially when you use water or a mirror. In that sense, the realme C21Y has a powerful 13MP AI triple camera, where its 2MP macro lens is ideal for detailed shots, landscapes, portraits and more.

5. Be daring

There are no limits to a good photograph. Perhaps one of the biggest impediments to getting a good photo or video is a lack of daring. Challenge yourself, go out of the classic or conventional and try aberrant, chopped or contrapicked shots to get a more striking photo.

Today, photography is one of the aspects that manufacturers take into account the most when launching a new equipment. Each release, the brands present their latest advancements in zooming, night photography and much more. Therefore, realme, offers equipment with great features and affordable prices.

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